Happy Emmy/Happy Birthday

Dearest Fierce, Funny, Favorite 4 year old-

You are a true original Emmeline!  Whenever I get to thinking that I somehow have things under control, you swoop in to remind me that that idea is a bunch of baloney.  

You have the very best ideas; when you walk over to me and ask if I can journal for you it’s a thrill. Usually your page says something along the lines of “I love you. You love me.” 

I love how you wake up, full force, ready to get to the day. Usually you come downstairs already dressed, hoping I will let you have some vanilla yogurt or Honey Nuts, straight up, no Cheerios. (Not likely) And then you don’t stop. You seldom slow down. I know you are tired when you finally start asking to get in pjs. And for your mimi. 

Speaking of, it may have given you the wrong message when you got that new pack of binkies in your birthday present (given before your actual birth-day so that’s our excuse) because, well, you seem to be needing them more. 

You are a little baby riddle. Please stay small so I must carry you around and snuggle you under your chin and give you kisses until you squirm away. You are such a sweetie pie and we are lucky to have you around, Big Girl Em!

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