November 22

Today was so fun.  People got enough rest (even me….almost). Off to school without a hitch. Home again and then off on errands, the largest of which was going to The Mall!  The kids talk about the mall like normal kids talk about, I don’t know, like Disney?  It happens so rarely, a trip there, that if we do go it is an EVENT!  

So, some stuff picked up, some playing at the play space and then lunch at Cheesecake Factory. Sweet!

Picked up Em and then did what the Pilgrims do…went to hunt down our T-giving feast.  Ok, so it was really a can of pumpkin, corn and fruit but Ollie was entertained for 45 minutes of hide and seek and hot and cold.  

Friends a then dinner.  This week, hoping to inspire quiet activities, we have been playing games.  Tonight Sam taught the kids poker.  And they caught on right away!  O was the big winner.

Then before bed I got a text from mom and it made such a sweet ending to the day.  I don’t know…I am really happy that Lily got to be that person in Sara’s life.  I’m glad we are raising high energy and open-minded kids.  I’m happy she doesn’t even see it as a difference, just a fact.  One day we will share this with her but for now, we aren’t going to.  But we both agree that it’s pretty special, pretty cool that she chose to see Sara as just another friend–because she is.

Brian, Sara’s dad, told Jean that Sara said (one day while waiting for the bus) “Lily’s the first kid who didn’t question the fact that I have two dads. She didn’t say that’s not possible or you have to have a mother or anything.” 💕

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