A dabble: Blogging

Remember that awesome little baby book I created for Lily? Well…as with most things like that, life got too busy and I didn’t make it a priority. Now that Ollie is becoming such a little man, my goal is to set down those things I would regularly email to Sam and the Grandparents here and make a record of all their combined amazing-ness!


After a not-quite-a-week visit with Gramma Lissa, we had to say goodbye to her today. {sigh} We had lots of fun visiting some cool museums and playing hard at the surrounding playgrounds. October will come soon and we will play with her again. The whole family went to the Train Playground (Holbrook-Palmer)before lunch. The sand pit was the favorite activity and Oliver was a hit with some big girls we met. He also surprised us and didn’t shovel handfuls of sand into his mouth!

Lily quote: “That’s ridiculous!” after she was given a snack suggestion.
Ollie cuteness: Per usual, he crawled all over with various toys and such hanging from his mouth like a little puppy dog

 We went to the Bay Area Discovery Museum in Sausalito

 Lily put on a puppet show…a snail starred, of course!

 Ollie met this froggy while he was hanging around on Mommy.

 I LOVE this photo.  They are both so happy!

Curious George took center stage at the Discovery Building.  Both Lily and Sam were thoroughly stoked!

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