Last night as I was making dinner, Lily was in the playroom (which looks like an episode of Hoarders right now as I attempt a reorganization!) and joined me in the kitchen to show me what she found. It was a superball. She didn’t have any idea what it was or what it might do besides roll around on the floor. So I showed her.

Here’s the best part…she didn’t understand what was happening. I bounced the ball. She kept looking at me. I bounced it again. I explained that she needed to follow the ball with her eyes. As soon as could see where it was, a look of utter astonishment came over her face like it was the most rad thing she ever did see! It struck me, once again, how things we grow to take for granted were new to all of us at one time. And so it was for Lily and the SuperBall.

She bounced and chased it for the rest of the night. And giggled like a madwoman during a full moon. No kidding.

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