Youngest Weller Takes First Steps

Mr. O has not been sleeping well. Instead of his typical one bad night followed by a good one, it’s been a few terrible nights and a chance night of sleep for 7 hours at a pop kind of pattern. Not the most sustainable routine for The Mommy since napping isn’t my thing. We have a great baby book called Touchpoints written by Brazleton (maybe) that explains each of the points in a baby’s life when you can expect some upheaval…for example, when they start moving on their own or turning over. At these times the babe is so excited that they have a hard time settling down. They are so excited that sleep becomes the enemy and awake time gives them a chance to practice the new skill.

I thought something might be up…and then he took his first steps today! Maybe that explains his crazy non-sleep. Or maybe Gramma Hughes is right and it’s really the mom that creates a sleeper or non-sleeper 🙂

He held onto the table in the living room and kept trying to turn so he could touch me. I was a little bit behind him. In order to get to me, he needed to reach out…and he happened to let go and took two unsteady steps toward me. Later on he took another step after letting go of my leg. He has been working on the standing alone and squatting down without falling. What a mover!

Today we also had fun going to Mitchell Park, a splash playground, with some friends. Lily was especially excited to see Nora Jane, Henry, Nash, Ruth and Matthew. The babies crawled around and shared snacks with each other and the big kids tackled the slides and other fun climb on structures. I wish we could rig a microphone to one of them in order to record what is being said…there is always serious conversation and planning going on!

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