The Boy and The Trike

Oliver continues to be a sturdy and steady little pre-walker.  I know, I know, I reported earlier that he was “walking” but he was really is (and continues) just taking steps.  But individual steps lead to combined steps and that means walking!  But he really wants to keep up with whatever his big sister is doing so while Lily rides her trike outside (one day she just got the hang of it with Sam’s help!  Yay Lily!) this is what Ollie does:

 Lily pedals to the bank, the store and also to get gas.  (Obviously we run a lot of errands together:-).  Ollie keeps up in any way he can.  Right now he favors the all 4’s walk–not a crawl, more like a monkey, up on both his hands and feet.  He is incredibly speedy.

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