The Many Faces of Lillian Hughes

I am surrounded by characters here in this house.  Certainly Lily got both the love of costumes from Sam and need for dance/movement/performance from me.  It is quite a combination.  It is quite a mess sometimes.  Here are just a few of her many looks over the past week or two:

Left alone with markers and a gel pen in the playroom

Showing me how the magic happens 
After getting into my makeup bag which is supposed to be out of reach

Give us a pout, girl.  Oy vey.  Help me.

This next one, however, is the one that makes me laugh out loud.  I can’t even post the real pictures of this her latest and greatest mess to date.

I know it doesn’t look like much…until you understand that:
1.  She had watched a gymnastic competition with Sam in the morning of this day.
2.  She was left alone outside while I worked on dishes.
3.  Her easel with paint was set up.
4.  Nearly each day she ends up playing naked in one form or another.
So what you get a glimpse of in this photograph is a nude Lily who painted in her gymnastics leotard, complete with long sleeves and also tights.  She did a little routine for us as we snapped pictures.  I’m really glad photos don’t need to be developed any longer at a photo shop or we may well be arrested.

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