Last of Summertime…

I really feel like summer is coming to an end.  I’m getting anxious about the beginning of school, our new schedule, the time we will be able to devote strictly to playing and seeing friends….so we are making the most of our summer and taking advantage of all the cool things there are to do nearby.

For fun we went to see some friends at the “splash playground” in Palo Alto-also known as Mitchell Park-yesterday.  There was less water play than we usually have and much more running around with friends on the playground.  Lewa Drew was there, a willing and able partner in exploring the sand pit and various climbing opportunities.  It is so great to have an extra set of hands and eyes along–Sam came with us!

And then we went to Happy Hollow this morning to celebrate the first of the new batch of babies in our group turning 1.  I’m kind of shocked that I don’t have any anxiety about that milestone but I/we have SO enjoyed our first year as a family of 4; just looking forward to seeing how these two develop a relationship beyond taking toys away from one another. 🙂

Lily was much more interested in the playground and petting zoo than the rides.  We tried only two rides–the Dragon Train, of course, and the carousel.  She had ambitions of going on the roller coaster but changed her mind while standing in line.  There’s always next time, Lily!

The first of many two rides 

Snacking before moving onto the playground

We were told that if our child was on the playground, he would need to have shoes.
Sadly, Ollie owns no shoes.
Poor baby.

This is as close as she wanted to be to the roller coaster.

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