Her First Dream

Two strange things happened this morning. One, Lily slept in until 7:30 and really only woke up because we went in to see her. Two, as soon as she woke up, she told her Dada about her dream.

This is the very first time she has had/remembered/reported a dream. We have spoken about dreams but she didn’t fully understand what we were trying to explain.

Her dream: “At Gramma and Grampa’s and there were doggies and those doggies were biting elephants and me. The doggies were blue. Something caught my neck in the museum and it was warm. And it was Dada’s fault. The elephants had boots and they had crowns, too. The purple elephant had a doogie face, a mask and it was scary.”

“Can I have some toast?”

Think she is done telling us about her dream:)

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