A Dabble: Sewing from a Pattern

Instead of my casual design of little girl clothes and use of online tutorials to make my own clothes-both of which I have been using exclusively as I learn to sew, I am attempting to use a PATTERN!  This both very exciting and a whole lot of intimidating to me.  I know I will make a few mistakes.  It has taken me some nerve to get to the point, right now, where I am going to actually cut through the pattern and the fabric.  Taking a deep breath.  I guess I can update at each step but here is what it looks like so far on the dining room table-aka-my sewing workspace 🙂

I do not understand the why sewists are all about truly strange combinations of patterns and [especially] shoes.  As I’ve started to study this world, I find maybe companies want to look rad and cutting edge so they take the accessorizing and shoes to a place they should not be.  So, no, I won’t be wearing a combination such as this-although I may have in high school:-)

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