PlayDoh and Waffles

When we aren’t trying to clean up, clean up (everybody, everywhere…) or outside while Ollie takes his AM nap, Lily and I do projects.  Mostly it involves scissors and glue but sometimes we make and bake or try our hand at some CandyLand.  Yesterday we made new playdoh.  Our old mix was drying out and we always like to mess up the kitchen just a little bit more if we can!

So we created an orangey-yellow raspberry-scented batch.  Lily even got involved in the kneading.  And then we used our cool doh tools in the playroom…but THIS morning, she was a little bit more creative…

A modern girl’s kitchen-complete with working appliances! 
Waiting patiently for the waffle to bake.

Looks like she needs to clean her work area as much as me! 
Almost ready!

Ohhh-nice and hot!

Everyone got to try a few.

It looks good enough to really eat!

She is off to gymnastics right now and the O is taking his nap.  Whew-time to gather my strength for another great day!

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