Beautiful Day for the Zoo

After living here for two-plus years, I’ve come to love fall in CA.  It is nothing like back East but it does have its fair share of color changes and some leaves coming down (thanks to the gardeners we don’t have to rake!).  And it has these gorgeous, sunny, warm days.  They just seem like a bonus summertime.  Californians call it Indian Summer but that’s not what I think of it as; more like Bonus Beauty Autumn Days.

We invited Gramma Hurley to come to the zoo with us one Sunday after Thanksgiving.  It was Ollie’s first time and he loved the animals (though we wanted to pet them all and we could only do that in the petting zoo area).  Highlights included the Prairie Dog and Meerkat area, the baby turtles and our train ride.  Lily is still talking about it.  

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