These kids are pretty funny.  Lily, especially, has turned into (continues to be?) a chatterbox with a memory like a steel trap.  The other night at dinner, as we were deciding what to talk about…usually Lily suggests work since this is what we tell we are talking about when she isn’t the one being focused upon…she had a suggestion:

“Let’s talk about penises!”

Sam’s only reply:  “We really should be on TV.”

I just hope she doesn’t throw this out during lunch at preschool.

Then, last night, getting ready for reading before bed, we were looking at her fairies.  She asked me, “Mommy, why do fairies have bibs?”

“Bibs?  What are bibs, Lil?”

“These.”, as she pulled down Tinkerbell’s green outfit and pointed to the bumps underneath.  “Bibs.”

“Oooohhhhhh, those are called boobs, Lily.  Girls get them when they are going to have babies.”

Ollie, on the other hand, though not talking in complete sentences, is pretty amusing.  I wonder if he wasn’t the second-born, the baby brother to a big sister, if he would have the affinity for shoes he seems to have right now.  Throughout the day he approaches me with shoes in hand–mine, his, Lily’s–and sits right down in front of me, lifting his foot.  Whatever he brings over I put on and he clomps and falls and walks around with one or two shoes on.  Rarely do they match.

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