Another Great Day!

In Lily’s preschool class last year, every day ended with the children gathered on the floor to say the class “cheer” and it went something like this:   We are the Little Bunnies.   We play together.  We pray together.  We work together.  We’ll be back to have another GREAT DAY!  (this last part, last year, was shouted at the top of their little lungs).

We had one of those today.  A great day.  The beach with friends and then dinner made for us and swimming with grandparents.  Is it any wonder both Lily and Ollie are fast asleep upstairs?  Why aren’t I?

Ollie fell into the little creek running down to the ocean.  He did not like it one bit.  But he loved the sand and the seagulls and watching all the big kids play.  Lily was an adventure girl, racing around the whole beach with her friend, Nora Jane, jumping from one level of sand to another and changing her outfit at least 4 times.  Yes, even on the beach.  With not that many clothes to change into.

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