And then there’s this…

We are going on a full week of single parenthood while Sam settles into Pittsburgh life.  It has been tiring but not overly so; we just keep going and build in time to rest.  However, by bedtime, everyone is ready for the day to end so we can recharge.  (at least I feel that way 🙂

Tonight was pretty typical–dinner and bath, followed by reading and Ollie going down, then Lily.  Well, Ollie must have eaten too much because he threw up everything after bath and pj’s.  Cleaned that up and moved onto reading to Lily.

I have been downstairs on Pinterest for the last few minutes listening to her make a lot of noise upstairs for someone who should be asleep.  I just crept up to see what was going on.  She has been staying in our bedroom since Sam left, fyi.

I snuck down the hall.  She was sitting in an open suitcase, using the straps like seat belts, talking to herself and reading a little directions packet from some box in the bathroom.  I didn’t disturb her because she was so content.  And the noise has finally stopped, so I think she is back in bed, hopefully snoozing.

These kids slay me.

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