A Talking Frankenstorm!

Happy Halloween, all!  Just a little reminder of what The Boy looked like last year when he turned 1:

Fast-forward a year and a few days, the big 2.0–he is like a totally different human being.  Except for having another vehicle in hand.  They keep getting bigger…

This morning Ollie greeted me with a “Silly Mommy”, climbing to get out of his crib with both his lovey and blankey.  He was very cuddly and warm.  Somehow we got downstairs undetected by anyone else in the little kid posse and I got to cuddle with him alone.  What a treat!

Ollie is such a talker these days; you can even understand most of what he says :-).  We read a little, we visited Dada and picked up Emmy (“Hold her!”), and came down to eat some Cheerios.  He would have preferred pancakes, but we have school today (YAY!) after being closed yesterday due to Hurricane Sandy and so that necessitates a quick breakfast.  He is also taking Lily’s lead in things:  helping to pick up, helping to create incredible messes, loving being read to, and becoming opinionated.  Where he used to cry a lot to communicate his wants, now he cries a little bit and TELLS you what he wants.  I often come upon him playing with trucks or in the play kitchen alone while Lily is at school.  Last week, while they played with PlayDoh, he sang “Happy Birthday” and it will melt you.  Such a sweetie pie, my Ollie Boy!

You are spectacular, my Boy! xoxoxo

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