Happy Halloween!

Our Halloween has been a little under-whelming, considering that Trick or Treating isn’t even happening tonight.  I’m not complaining because Saturday really does work better for us, but still.  It snowed this morning so that prompted me to put on Christmas music all day long and then it rained and was really cold; I don’t know.  Didn’t feel like Halloween.  Lily celebrated at school and came home with some loot.  Thankfully, she didn’t have to dress up-just enjoyed a special day with mummy hot dogs for lunch and spider soup.  (Not real spiders, Momma, just plastic ones)

Since she had some candy from a neighbor and some more from a friend at school, after dinner, if she a good dinner, she could pick a piece for everyone to eat.  First off she chose for Sam (Dada loves candy), then Ollie, and she was pretty insistent on me having a piece too but I was not in the mood.  Then it came time to choose a piece for herself.  This is how that went down:


I could have chocolate or a Rice Krispie. But I don’t want licorice. Maybe you would like that.



Now, Momma, I just don’t know which one to have tonight.



The choice is so HARD to make!


SUCCESS!! Rice Krispie Treat! (Just kidding, she changed her mind AGAIN…) The winner: Tootsie Roll!

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