Early Morning Gratitude: Day One

So far our schedule today has run as follows:

1:45~Emmeline wakes for her first feeding of the night.  Cool–its been 5 hours since I fell asleep!

2:45 or so~Lillian comes into our bed.

3:45~Emmeline wakes again.  Feed her.

4:45~Oliver starts crying from his room.  Go to him.

5:00~Figure no one sleeps if I take him into our bed and he will just cry for me in his room.  Take him to Lily’s bed.

5:10~Creep back to my bed.

5:45~Hear pitter patter.  Think its a dream.  Roll over.  Hear Oliver calling for me, downstairs.

6:00~Emmeline wakes up and joins us downstairs for tower-building, coffee drinking, and reading.

7:49~Wake Lillian to get her ready for school.

I am grateful today for 5 hour stretches of sleep, hot coffee and the Keurig, warm cuddly kids, stamina, quiet dark mornings and this blog.

One thought on “Early Morning Gratitude: Day One

  1. Years from now you’ll read your blog and think, “How did I do all of that?”
    Sometimes the Lords blessings can be exhausting! … More coffee?

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