Day Three of Gratitude

After a good night’s sleep, I am grateful for 7AM {or later} wake up days, kids who request boiled eggs and lots of fruit and vegetables for lunch, and who also understand that there were no desserts during the day since it was Trick or Treating tonight.  Also, I am really thankful for exercise.  I got to take a very, very cold walk today, half with Lily who braved the weather, and I thought about my Baby Boot Camp I used to do in California.  That was probably one of the best things I did for myself as a mom.  It was such a great outlet for stress, it really was a hard workout, it whipped me into shape after Ollie and I met so many nice mommies.

It is such a pleasure to watch the kids grow.  Lily is getting really super at puzzles and to watch her concentrate and focus and figure out where everything belongs~well, it is really interesting and fills me with pride.  Ollie is also getting interested in building things with blocks-especially towers.  I remember at a doctor check with Lily when she was young and I was asked if she was stacking blocks.  {she wasn’t doing it–we weren’t doing it}  Like a crazy first time mom, I went home and we worked on that skill…because I thought it must be important if it was a milestone the doctor asked about…{sigh}.  Emmy is just improving on sleeping.  For which, you guessed it, I am very grateful!

Off to prep for TRICK OR TREAT!!!

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