Time Change

I dont know if it was the time change or what but LittleWee #3 was bundled and sent to bed by around 9.  I didn’t hear from her again until 3AM.  Wha?!?  Yes.  And it was ACTUALLY 4 because my iPad had already “fallen back”.  Does this one belong to me????  Of course, from 3-6 when I just decided to get up I didn’t sleep much but still….

Today, otherwise, was a little trying.  It has  just been LONG.  Right now it is “really” 5:30 but we are still playing and watching tv.  As we have been doing all day.  But this is about gratitude for the next month so…

I am very grateful the for the long stretch of sleep!  Also for the sweetness of my children-how Lily and Ollie both pretend like gymnasts, cake bakers and painters…oh, and today, Ollie was a fire starter (don’t worry-it was just play doh).  I appreciate Lily’s desire to always help or play or cuddle.  Today she gave me a pedicure–the most colorful one I’ve ever had!  

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