A Week Later

Last week at this time, we were preparing to batten the hatches and ride out the Frankenstorm.  Early in the morning we went to Target for supplies (water and milk) and I spent the day freezing bags to ice and filling up containers with water and checking batteries in the flashlights…oh, and learning to light our fireplace.  I’m so glad I did it since that is probably the reason we didn’t lose power.  Today I am grateful for being safe and sound and staying dry and warm.

About a week and a half ago, Lily met a milestone that every child must.  Alone with scissors, she gave herself a haircut.  Her bangs.  Right in the middle of her forehead.  It was subtle at first when I realized what she had done and now I am used to it so it doesn’t seem too bad but there is a large and very short section of bang that will take some time to grow back in.  Doesn’t bother her at all.

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