Tick Tock

I love that we found a house with space to run and the woods to explore. The kids love it, too! Due to the fairly mild weather today and the fact that Lily didn’t have school, we all needed to get out and RUN and bike and play. Emmy cooperated with a long afternoon nap (I think she is really starting to organize her sleep; two long stretches of sleep a day plus lots of cat naps). We played ice cream parlor, Lily introduced me to Michelle and Mookie (where’s Melinda, that’s what I wanna know!), and hide and seek. It was during my seeking Ollie that I happened to brush behind his ear and felt something weird. After further investigation, a blasted bloodsucking tick was discovered. Gross. Totally gross. The first one to be on him for longer than I wanted. I attempted to extricate it but I’m no doctor and the head would not come out. We ended up at “Dada’s hospital” in the ER. My kids are awesome:complimented a couple of times on their behavior. Not what we wanted to do on a nice Friday afternoon but I’m grateful today for fine medical care, that care being convenient, and family-friendly health insurance to use.

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