Mother And Daughter Tea Party–THX

Lily crept into bed around 5:45 and whispered in my ear, “Are you excited for the Tea Party today?” and although I may not have been too excited at that time, I was excited to take both girls to the event later in the morning.  Preparations began in earnest by 9:30.  Outfits, shoes, jewelry, makeup and hair…then some pictures and Emmy held up the production by needing a nearly complete outfit change right as we were leaving.  It was so cute, the whole thing.   The people at the Pine Community Center have impressed me at each special event we’ve participated in.  We were greeted by some grown up princesses and led to our table.  After that we were free to choose an activity to work on; we started with jewelry making and then moved  over to cookie decorating…a first course, I guess, for Royal Teas. A couple of cute rotating activities later, with newly painted nails and a delightful crown, it was time for lunch.  It was a very fun way to spend a Saturday, just girls.

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Because the weather was so cooperative, after Ollie woke up everyone went to the playground.  It was super fun.  Running around, getting away from the Dinosaur {Sam}, and general energy expenditure.  I couldn’t ask for a better day.  Thankful, that’s me.



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