Here’s to Gramma Lissa!

I’d like to give a shout out to our favorite Gramma in OH!  How wonderful is it to be in driving distance to all grandparents?  I absolutely love that my kids will benefit from close relationships to them.  It is lifesaving to have Lissa a two hour drive away to visit and play and help me out in innumerable ways.  Here’s why:

1.  She is awesome, all-around.

2.  She brings food when she comes.

3.  She is up for any type of play:  outside, inside, upside-down.

4.  She stayed with the kids, solo, while I was in the hospital with Emmy.  That’s amazing!

5.  She is so interesting!

6.  Refer to #1.

Today she arrived and because it is the most most most beautiful day, we were outside for much of the time.  Lily and I led her to the stream (Emmy was along, too), then she and Lily did puzzles and now everyone is jumping in leaves.  We all love you, Lissa! xoxo

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