Love you, Hate you, Technology

I love technology but I hate it too. But right now, after a tired (but great) day, one where I kind of wake up tired and by the end, I’m nearly too tired to go one more minute, I am loving my tap-tap. All I need in one place except a nice hot mug of chai tea and a few dark chocolate chips. Wha?? Mmm, I think I do have the energy to go down and have that after I finish typing my gratitude for the day. So, technology. I love that my walk today could be set to mellow Celtic music, that I could read an article in the Reading paper online about Brent, and that I could just check in on Twitter and find a recipe for a homemade potpourri you can simmer on the stove for the holidays. Now, I’m grateful that my day is nearly over but that technology will allow me to watch “Call The Midwife” on PBS and read a little before I sleep. Until tomorrow, World Wide Web!

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