No Poop, Just Gas

This is what Ollie says if you ask him if he needs a new diap. And as we played at the playground today, passing gas was on my mind again. A bigger boy showed my little kids how to make farting noises with their hands two weeks ago. Every time we go back and they get on the bouncy see-saw thingy where the introduction took place, my kids try to make the noises. They have awhile to go until mastery. Lucky me. It was no different today. Why are those noises so funny? It may be biological. I have never seen my dad laugh harder than when he pulls out his iPhone and uses his fart app. It holds no appeal for me but I am so thankful that I get to be surrounded and related to people with great senses of humor. I love to laugh. My kids make me laugh all the time. I am grateful, too, for laughing til you cry. I’m thankful for those people who inspire those moments: my brothers, my husband, my parents and Jen and Marn and Lynnie have especially made me laugh that way. It’s the best, best, best.

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