Three Months and A Day

So this was supposed to be yesterday’s post but I didn’t get to it.

Emmeline Meredith is 3 MONTHS {and a day} OLD today!!  It has been a wonderful three month experience with her.  Virtually no newborn baby drama; she is happy to be toted from here to there and plopped anywhere she must be in order to care for the other two.  Either it is her temperament, my worn-in mommy skills, or that I am too busy to notice but she just seems like a breeze of a baby girl, don’t you think?

Easy, sleepy, go with the flow…that’s my baby {#3}!

Little Gobblers

Today was a day of firsts:  my first parent-teacher conference and my first time getting the entire house clean in one shot.  My conference was cute and I found out what we all know about Lily–she is great.  She is playing well with others but learning to stand her ground.  She is a little storyteller and talker but is quite shy in music class.  She is possibly testing limits during lunch and quiet time by making little noises.  I welcome the rebellion; everyone needs to be a little naughty every once in awhile.  While the two nappers napped, Lily and I started some Thanksgiving Day preparations.  ImageI am so thankful for her artistry, Ollie’s confidence to try and jump down off something today by himself, and Emmy’s patience with my running around today.


A Day Late & A Dollar Short

One of my favorite lines from a sassy former nun teacher~McD.  And it turns out that my great intentions ran into a rather fun Sunday.  But that doesn’t matter.  Here’s yesterday’s gratitude!

I am grateful for babies who discover themselves in the mirror:


I am grateful for long walks in the sunshine.  I am grateful for neighborhood playdates; our second of the weekend.  But this one lasted for nearly 2 hours!  And for part of it (the part where Ollie wasn’t involved, I didn’t have to be on kid watch).  We were headed over to the playground and to check out the Holiday Dazzle crowd at the Community Center, but Olivia and all the Boys were outside playing.  We turned around and both Lily and Ollie ran over and played like champs til the sun went down.  

Thankful Thought for the Day…#17

Well, I’ve got a couple here today (I feel like I could keep this daily gratitude going forever, isn’t that cool?  In the midst of it all, there is always something to be thankful for!)

So, let that be the first:  I am thankful for always, always have things to be thankful for!

I am grateful for the energy to clean up and that my children are learning to do the same; boy, that sure helps!

I am so thankful for the crazy that 3 kids 4 and under inspire.  This is the scene I stumbled upon while I cleaned up the kitchen and talked to Gramma Lissa this morning.  He was also a poopy little guy.  Great combo of a mess!  He told me he was washing his hands.

I remain grateful for each day I get to spend with my kids.  Today was sunny and mild and we got to run around with our neighbors, Danny, Olivia, and Seth after Ollie got up from his nap.  I’m glad I took a chance and we ran after them as we saw them walking up the road.  Good payoff.  Both my mobile kids got to run, run, run around.  This was especially helpful since Lillian ate TWO full size Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups while hiding out in the TV room. {sigh}

Brothers and Sisters

Oh My Heavens, these kids are awesome!  Lily kept hugging and playing with Oliver the whole afternoon.  It didn’t matter that he cried a little bit. (Buck up, Boy!  Its love!)  After Lily constructed a tent for Ollie to sleep in, Little Emmy was left with nothing but a toy baby blanket to sleep with … they are so lucky to have each other and I am lucky to have them!!  I am grateful that they will grow up learning to navigate life with one another and that I have 2 wonderful blood bros and 2 by marriage bros.  Siblings drive you bonkers but they are so wonderful to navigate life with!

Eye of the Tiger

I am thankful today for the ability to learn from mistakes. When I performed my gym routine to Eye of the Tiger in 4th grade, I didn’t understand grace or forgiveness or learning from failure. I’m pretty sure each of us, kids and adults alike would agree that although it feels awful it makes us stronger and braver in the end. And that you can nearly always get a do-over, even if an eventual criminal holds the mats together for you. And crying is just fine.

Of Headstands and Lego Towers

I love that Ollie is so adept at building things these days. And I am grateful that this morning Lily and he built things together very nicely.

Lily got headstands and even had one or two handstands yesterday while we played and danced. I am thankful that she is strong and coordinated!

A New Way to Say Thank You

I know you did not know this.  I danced a lot when I was younger and still I wasn’t aware.  But there is a new way to say Thank You.  Lily taught me how yesterday as we were dancing after school.  It goes like this:

“This is how you say thank you in ballet”  {lift leg to the side and hold it up in the air}

“And this is how you say I love my coach”  {bend knee, cross over other leg, hug to your chest}

“Do you want to try, Momma?”

I’m thankful that she is thankful!

Love you, Hate you, Technology

I love technology but I hate it too. But right now, after a tired (but great) day, one where I kind of wake up tired and by the end, I’m nearly too tired to go one more minute, I am loving my tap-tap. All I need in one place except a nice hot mug of chai tea and a few dark chocolate chips. Wha?? Mmm, I think I do have the energy to go down and have that after I finish typing my gratitude for the day. So, technology. I love that my walk today could be set to mellow Celtic music, that I could read an article in the Reading paper online about Brent, and that I could just check in on Twitter and find a recipe for a homemade potpourri you can simmer on the stove for the holidays. Now, I’m grateful that my day is nearly over but that technology will allow me to watch “Call The Midwife” on PBS and read a little before I sleep. Until tomorrow, World Wide Web!