Scatter Books, Journaling and Doodles

Regardless of what Lily reported to Gramma and Grampa today, we did, in fact, do some school today.  We read, she did some phonics/word work, we will read some more.  We made a trip to the bookstore to pick out some new reading material.  But we both sat down together to journal and doodle this morning.  I have a Scatter Book where I keep track of my {brilliant :-)} scattered thoughts…thus ScatterBook since it is all over the place and holds all the little scraps of ideas I want to have down but don’t really belong anywhere specific.  I can’t take credit for this idea but my homeschool mentor introduced it to me.

IMG_3141 FullSizeRender

So the top book is mine and last night Lily wondered if she could start one, too.  She liked what she saw in my book.  I was more than happy to let her figure out how to hold her own creative space.  We used some special pen markers and worked on it together today.  I journaled a little bit and she did, too.  I have to agree with her sentiment.  I like to have fun, too!  And this was pretty fun and special to do with her.  I appreciate how her doodles look similar to mine.  Imitation is the best form of flattery, isn’t that how the saying goes?

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