What we are loving this week


Poetry Teatime on Tuesday:  This is probably Lily’s favorite time of the week!  We serve treats and drink hot chocolate or tea or coffee.  This week I shared a January poem from A Child’s Calendar by John Updike, various poems about elves and fairies, and then we settled in to read The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.  I don’t know if it is our habit of listening to audiobooks in the car or that I am including Ollie in some of our longer chapter books, but they have turned into great listeners and questioners.  We are all really into Aslan and the White Witch.

Our little poetry and read aloud lovers

Our little poetry and read aloud lovers

M&M’s as motivation:  Now this is so against my whole entire nature and philosophy but I am pulling this trick out every now and then this week to get something done RIGHT NOW or to lighten the mood of doing something we don’t want to do {clean up the playroom, our rooms, the dishes from our latest meal…really any cleaning up!).  I won’t do it much longer because we will be out of Christmas color M&M’s.

The Carnegie Museums:  We joined the 4 museums last week and have been back to the Science museum twice.  We planned on going to the Natural History museum on Friday but then Ollie reminded us of his scheduled playdate with his best friend, Jack.  So we decided we would do the Art Museum on Monday and the NH museum next Friday with Sam.

Momma and Dada’s room to Sleep:  This is only on the kids’ list of what we are loving this week.  It would be on Sam and Heather’s Tournament of Bad list.

Bryce:  This doesn’t change from week to week.  Bryce is our favorite.  At 3 everyday, we check to see if Miss Arla’s car is at the Baker’s house and then Lily and Ollie bundle up and run over to ask him to play.  He is in middle school.  He is pretty darn awesome to play so patiently and kindly with his 2 admirers.

And the one contender for Tournament of Bad:  The Allegheney Health Network scheduling system.  I have tried 4 times to schedule a follow up appointment and still have not been able to due to someone needing to “order” the procedure (but not the doctor that ordered it in the first place at the danged appointment).  Little in health care makes sense to me.

I’m not one to end on a negative note though.  Here’s your dose of ridiculous cute:


And thanks to all my followers who willingly took time out of their very busy {golf} schedules to read this little blog! xoxo

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