With kids you have these phases and cycles of behavior or habit or expectation.  It is hard sometimes to remember that these don’t last forever; you just get to jump into the next phase as the other one ends.  If it involves sleep, OH MAN, is that hard for me.  The changing appetites or fights or struggles during the daytime, those I can tackle.  The over-nights {sigh}.  I need my sleep!   Miss Em is improving on the transition from crib to big bed.  But…there are days (or nights) she empties her entire dresser or the wipes box (if I don’t remember to hide it in the closet).  The times she falls asleep sitting up.  The nights she cries out, “Nuggle, Momma!” or “Nuggle, Dada!” around 2:36AM.  The 5:23 wake ups when she is hungry and won’t go back down.  Today she is asleep in the threshold of her door and as you can see in the video has put on rain boots, an extra pair of pants and turned her noisemaker to LOUD music.  Thanks be, she can’t hear Lily and Ollie playing in the next room and should be down until 3!!  Off to make the most of my quiet time!

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