I hope as you read the title you can hear the song from Fiddler on the Roof in your head. Me? The TVHS production with Mr. Perella looms large in my memory; Tevya with a booming voice. Like that good old Russian dairyman, I think traditions are important and have been challenged each summer by the EuroAcademy paperwork when asked to list any family traditions we have. It stumps me. What do we do year to year that we can all count on to anchor us? Things we look forward to (at least as the kids are little) and will consider cheesy (when they get older) but will go along with to humor their parents. And then do the same things to with their kids😉. I’m not sure I would call it tradition in the traditional sense (you see what I did there?👍👏👏👏👍)but we have been having a huge feast of French toast, bacon and fruit about once a month. Everyone looks forward to it and eats and eats and eats. Sweet treats and memories are a good start on the road to building traditions, I think!

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