Running Away

Sometimes I think I have bitten off more than I can chew with this stay at home/homeschool gig.  You know when you are overwhelmed and feel like you are messing up all over the place?  Today wasn’t one of those days, but about a week ago it was.  As you know, we have a great neighborhood and the most fantastic next door neighbors.  Arla and the Boys have been our support, comedic relief, and saving grace all rolled into one.  This particular day, it was everything I needed!

What was just a normal day full of running around and school work and housework and playing, somehow turned darker. {dun, dun, dun…} Lily decided she didn’t want to do her work and, furthermore, she really didn’t want to live here any more.  I was the “meanest mom”.  I’m not sure whose suggestion it was but we decided we would ask Miss Arla if she could please live with her.  So, of course, Lily wanted to text her to be sure this was okay before she started to pack.  She was welcomed with open arms but given a warning that living with all boys could be really gross sometimes. 🙂 Ollie decided he wanted in on this, too.  And I didn’t know how to stop it.  I offered them my side, a little “what about your poor Mom who will miss you?” but they said it was just next door.  So I went along with it.  We discussed what it might be like to live there and not with their parents.  And by the time were done, both kids were in tears.  Lily because she didn’t want to leave me, after all, and Ollie because he really did want to!

High five, Momma!  I just had to shake my head.  Those times you don’t know what in the world to do or say and so you go along with it and then everyone ends up crying, a puddle of emotions on the kitchen floor.

Thankfully, Arla relayed that Seth had try to run away twice that week.  He got as far as the creek, fell in and came back to ask her what he should do.  So I am guessing this is only the beginning of these kinds of situations.

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