It’s great to be a hs-er!

Today our co-op started up again after a two month hiatus. Just the perfect length for a break. Everyone was excited to get back to it. It was awesome to walk in knowing what to expect, where everything was, recognizing friendly faces and meeting back up with new friends made last semester. And it was really great to be back in a group doing what you are doing, who understands what you are trying to achieve. L bloomed and beamed. She has a favorite teacher who is offering another class. She took a chance on LEGO building and really liked it and we found out a dance class had openings so she joined in there, too. We are going to the ballet tomorrow and it is sure to add to her experience of the class. O and I have a class together. It is called Preschool Fun and it is all sorts of chaos wrapped up in playdoh and stringed noodles. E gets to play with little baby friends in the nursery. Everybody is happy!

This article just came out in Wired magazine and is making the rounds of homeschool FB posts and blogs alike. Silicon Valley has finally caught on!

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