Ancient Greece

A highlight of my day was when our read aloud turned into a maker’s fury of creative learning. After Ollie got home from school and Em was napping, we started a child’s version on The Odyssey .  We learned about Helen of Troy, the Trojan horse and the lotus-eaters.  By this time, L had had enough and asked if we could read another book we reference called Story of the World ; last time we read about the Minotaur on the island of Crete and today we learned about great warriors, the Mycenaeans. Since we didn’t know what invention allowed the Mycenaeans to overtake their enemies I explained what a chariot is and we built one with our mag-formers, an elephant, and some binocular strings. O got the idea straight and made a much better, more elaborate, quad-chariot.



We needed to make a set of warrior duds and ended up using a lot of aluminum foil.


And we wondered what the Greeks wore so we got some old sheets to make a peplos.

IMG_3355Lily noticed from her reading this morning that many Greeks wore things on their heads and so we made a laurel wreath.


The afternoon was so much fun; nap time was over in the blink of an eye.  Our next mission (at least mine!) is to locate a good Greek restaurant so we can sample some {modern} Greek food.  Fun day!

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