The bossy R

Or How Katy Perry helped me teach phonics today…

No doubt about it, some days go more smoothly than others.  Some mornings we breeze out the door having completed our math work and read a little bit out loud.  Other times tears occur before brushing our teeth.  It is a matter of determining everyone’s temperature while we get ready for the day.  Although I had on my list to get through stuff before leaving the house, that was not going to happen.  Lily had complaints that I was trying to make her do baby-ish stuff.  I heard her and so we got on our way, deciding to tackle academics after lunch.

While I circled the track, I hatched a plan.  How was I going to convince her to get on board with either sorting or seeking out examples of words that have the Bossy R “vowel teams” of -er, -ar, -ir, -ur, and -or?  That’s where Miss Perry came in.  She loves Roar and asks to listen to it daily.  I printed the lyrics to start her on a word hunt and then asked her to put her findings down on our sorting sheet.  We couldn’t find all the teams in abundance in the lyrics, so I handed her a book to look through and she read the whole thing, pausing to have me write down the words she came across.  Finally, we still were without any -ur and -ir examples.  Sam’s lemonade came to rescue.  I set a glass down for her and gave her the container.  Virgin {lemonade} and Natural both fit our phonetical needs today!

In other spectacular news, Emmy is choosing to sit on the potty pretty often!  Yay, Miss Em!!  And Ollie was a bang-up Cyclops today.  He made some sheep to go with our life-size monster, too, so he would have some little friends.  {The Cyclops lives in a cave with his sheep and lambs…}

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