End of week

Yipee!  Friday night-alright, alright!  Couple of things:

*I still am one amazed momma at how stylish Lily is.  I know I’m not supposed to comment on her appearance, I guess, but she just does herself up each day in such unique ways.  It makes her stand out.  This morning she came down all ready to head out to co-op, sporting a woolen vest, jeans and boots.  Another thing about this girl that is beyond explanation is how she remains healthy while the rest of us sniffle and cough our way through the night.  I’m listening to little Em cough and sneeze in her room. 

*Ollie will put on a Mother’s Day presentation in May and at school preparations are being made.  I had to chuckle when he told me that he made sure there will be no cats or amoxicillin there…just so no one has any allergic reactions. (What about walnuts, bro?)

*Who knows where Emmy will sleep on our upcoming trip?!?  We are betting on Plan A: pack and play inside a tent.  Let’s see if that holds her in one place. {unlikely.sigh.}

Happy Weekend!

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