My lovely and loving sister-in-law posted an Instagram photo from their current destination wedding in Mexico today showing what is in her bag for a beach vacation.  She is cool and stylish and it made me think about our bags’ metamorphosis though a lifetime. I thought it would be fun to document what I happen to have in my bag today.  Wanna check it out?


Starting in the upper left-hand corner, if you will:

-the book I keep kids’ medical information in; doctor visits, medications, allergies

-M&M’s for situations where bribery is called for.  Drop off at preschool, grocery stores, general picking up.

-Wireless earbuds and phone (not pictured)

-lipstick and gloss…the girls probably wear these more than me but sometimes I remember to put it on.

-Eyeglasses case:  because I can’t see at night without them.

-Witch finger for pointing to words as they are read or poking your brother in the eye.

-Chick-fil-a placemat

-half chewed bit of gum and some Sudafed

-TJs receipt-goodies for our flight

-pens-mostly to cross off grocery store lists

-Diapers and wipes


-Stickers from some doctor or dentist visit

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