April 15th

Happy Tax Day!

Nice, spring days have been stringing together for us since our return home.  It sure makes for higher energy levels and much more {on their own} playing, even as it strips away our motivation to sit and do any school.  But we soldier on.  I don’t think another two-week jag can go by again without doing some math.  Today when it was time for math, L guessed that a quarter was worth…6 cents?  I am pleased the new math book is on its way!

Sun in forecast, though, is going to keep me focused on the positive.  And we have lots to look forward to including a low-key birthday party for Lily this weekend, the annual library book sale going on now (we will check it out tomorrow, I hope), gardening with big kid helpers, a new playground going in nearby, digging up worms for science, and returning to our co-op at the end of the week.

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