Wee update

O:  continues to be the one to fall asleep fastest, can get all his clothes, shoes and jackets on by himself, likes to look at books and listen to nursery rhymes-especially in song form, exaggerator,  is racing on his scooter at alarming speeds, seems to be switching to more water than milk, obsessed with Transformers and Rescue Bots.

E:  a talker of non-stop variety, becoming more of a playmate than tag-along, has a cold again, napping on and off, loves Tabby and Putter and Knuffle Bunny, cheese eater like big sister, liking the tricycles in the driveway, expect a FaceTime call from her sometime soon.

L:  champion pretend player, leader in the neighborhood gang, competent and enthusiastic cook,  one who sleeps latest, independent and wants to do it herself, lover of read aloud time, tea {cup} drinker, asking to hear birth stories of everyone, interested in planets and space, enjoys one on one time, lover of all white carbs.

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