A birthday bash

More like a low-key neighborhood get together.  The gang came over and we treated them to cake and ice cream.

It was a gorgeous day; the sunset tonight was all pinks and purples.  Spring is just at the cusp of leafing out.  For now we are enjoying warmer days but no shade.  It strikes me each year at this time.  I seem to be waiting on our giant trees to give some relief.

{pics tomorrow.  loading is taking forever}

Wee update

O:  continues to be the one to fall asleep fastest, can get all his clothes, shoes and jackets on by himself, likes to look at books and listen to nursery rhymes-especially in song form, exaggerator,  is racing on his scooter at alarming speeds, seems to be switching to more water than milk, obsessed with Transformers and Rescue Bots.

E:  a talker of non-stop variety, becoming more of a playmate than tag-along, has a cold again, napping on and off, loves Tabby and Putter and Knuffle Bunny, cheese eater like big sister, liking the tricycles in the driveway, expect a FaceTime call from her sometime soon.

L:  champion pretend player, leader in the neighborhood gang, competent and enthusiastic cook,  one who sleeps latest, independent and wants to do it herself, lover of read aloud time, tea {cup} drinker, asking to hear birth stories of everyone, interested in planets and space, enjoys one on one time, lover of all white carbs.

April 15th

Happy Tax Day!

Nice, spring days have been stringing together for us since our return home.  It sure makes for higher energy levels and much more {on their own} playing, even as it strips away our motivation to sit and do any school.  But we soldier on.  I don’t think another two-week jag can go by again without doing some math.  Today when it was time for math, L guessed that a quarter was worth…6 cents?  I am pleased the new math book is on its way!

Sun in forecast, though, is going to keep me focused on the positive.  And we have lots to look forward to including a low-key birthday party for Lily this weekend, the annual library book sale going on now (we will check it out tomorrow, I hope), gardening with big kid helpers, a new playground going in nearby, digging up worms for science, and returning to our co-op at the end of the week.

Spend, Save and Share

Along with her birthday cake and Cocoa Krispies yesterday, we also gave Lily 3 jars labeled Spend, Save and Share.  Seven seemed the right age to start an allowance; it can be a new part of her curriculum.  🙂 We plan to start slow and remain steady.  Weekly we will give her a small sum and she will divide it among her jars.  She will come up with a plan for what she may like to save for, the spending money can buy things like art supplies or new nail polish, and the share jar will open up a conversation about giving away money to causes you care about.  This will force me to make some sense of where we put our money and how to explain that to her.  I think it will be educational for all of us!

Seven is Magic

Somebody turned 7 today!  You are such a lovely, complex, wonderfully spirited person.  Parenting you has taught me more than any book or school or professor ever has or ever could.  Thanks for leading us into parenthood, Lillian!  Seven is magic–and so are you!