Dairy Farm

The day was bright and beautiful, windy and a bit chilly in the shade when we made it to Marburger Dairy farm this afternoon for a tour of the facility.  Only 20 minutes from our house, we had time to go to the playground after picking Ollie up from school and before heading to the dairy.  When we arrived, we walked to the milking barn and it was almost milking time so the cows were walking thorough on their way to be milked.



This is a farm with mostly Holsteins and a few Gurnseys.  Did you know Gurnseys give a fattier/creamier milk?  Me, either!  It isn’t a large operation; 70 other farms bring their milk to the dairy to be processed and sold as Marburger.  The cows are milked at 2:30AM and 2:30PM and it takes a full two hours each time.  Twelves cows are milked at a time and it takes 6-8 minutes once the “sucker” starts.  Its quite an operation.  Something to see.  Here’s the downlow on antibiotics.  Yes, cows are given antibiotics; we only saw one “tagged” to get medicine.  Each batch of milk is tested for antibiotics; if any are detected that milk is not for human consumption.  Hmmm, makes me wonder…




After milking, the tour continued on with the new calves.  This part was the cutest and hardest to take.  Baby boys are sent away to the “boy cow farm” when they are a week old.  We saw both boys and girls.  Girls had yellow tags.  All the cows are born with horns which are removed upon birth.  This is strictly a dairy farm so no other animals there, much to the kids’ dismay.


Finale:  chocolate, vanilla or strawberry milk in the barn!  These little ones are only sold to schools and only produced during school months…we got some before it was too late.  Whew–it was creamy and delicious.  And we had burgers for dinner…thankfully just turkey.  No baby boy cows.


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