A Freewrite Love Letter to 3littlewees

I love these kids even more as they get older.  I am surprised by this because they came to me so new and soft and totally lovable.  But I just love who they are becoming even more.  It is fascinating to see what parts of their personalities remain with them as they move through life. For example, Lily has always been an observer but she is becoming quite gun-ho and fearless in new situations and starting to advocate for herself.  She says what she is feeling (her truth) though I hope she learns to temper that–and she will! 🙂 Ollie is just amazing me with his gentle but enthused way of interacting with the world–he really reminds me of Brent in that way.  And my Em.  Gosh she is so silly and kissable and demanding!  She never stops her conversation with herself and all the people who happen to be in her general vicinity.  I just adore them through and through!

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