Some Ideas Swirling in my Head

Some ideas from a course I am taking on mentoring self-directed learners:

Family culture isn’t a choice we make about whether or not we want to indoctrinate our kids to follow our beliefs. There’s no choice — we have a family culture whether we want one or not. And people who think it’s possible to avoid communicating what they believe and what they value to their children are fooling themselves. Everything you do, everything you say, how you spend your time and your money, what you lavish attention on — these things exist and they communicate your values to your children. If you want your children to become individuals with their own opinions, then make that part of your family culture.  (which makes me pretty happy that we have some solid values surrounding reading and learning new things and developing new hobbies and interests around here!)

[A]lthough organized sports have lots of advantages, the choice in favor of Little League is a choice against other things. It’s no accident that suburban ‘Soccer Moms’ aren’t ‘Reading Moms,’ or ‘Free-Play Moms.’ We need to be conscious of our choices and we need to make these choices with care. — Lucy Calkins

Mastering self-directed learning means breaking down big goals into smaller goals, then further into tasks, and finally, figuring out what you can do today.  (This goes along with what I mentioned in the beginning of the summer with setting out goals and working steadily towards them.  A new thing for me.)  As you help your children master this, you are mastering it yourself.

(taken from Project-Based Homeschooling-The Master Class)

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