What They Are Loving: Kid Edition

There are a few things these kids just love these days…

  • Odd Squad on PBSKids:  X-Files for the younger tween set.  I even think it is funny and they think it is hilarious.  Sadly, there is only one season on Netflix and they are watching the last episode tonight.
  • Afternoons of Read Alouds:  re-reading Owls in the Family with many, many picture books thrown in.  This time also usually include a popsicle or other treat.
  • Magic Treehouse books:  Lily has read one to Ollie, one to herself and started another last week.  She happily reads independently and likes the varied locales of each book.
  • YUM magazine:  This is a great library find.  Lily tears through these, searching for new recipes she might like to try.  While most are desserts, there are a few snack recipes that have been, well, yum.  (These magazines are so much better than the Vogue and People she was picking up at the lake this summer…)
  • Spiders:  Since the butterflies are starting to wind down, they have been examining more spiders these days.  Ollie swears every one might be a tarantula.
  • Hot Tea:  This started last year during our Poetry Teatimes each week but we have been enjoying a cup before bed some nights.  I wouldn’t say it calms them down, but at least they are hydrated going to sleep!

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