Of Playgrounds and FirePits

Laying here, I can smell the fire our neighbors set early in the evening.  The trampoline cleared quickly once the fire started to rise and everyone over 4 ran to the Twins’ house.  A little later I followed and caught up with their news.  Marshmallows were going to be roasted as we left to go eat dinner.  

Our day started at the playground, meeting up with Jack and Emma.  Jack has a week of KDG under his belt.  His mom is already sick of the homework (!!!) but he seems to be having fun.  The boys picked up right where they left off.  Rain cut the play date short but we decided to meet up again next week.

Gratefully, my day included much hot tea and reading.  I am fending off the cold everyone has been passing around.  It was chilly out; our first day wearing long pants and long sleeves. 

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