some very random ramblings

The house was cleaned today; of course, I am serving rice with dinner (this ALWAYS happens!).  And I stepped on something that sliced a toe and now I am bleeding through band aids….

which made me think, should I go get this looked at?  And then I was struck by how luxurious it even is that this is an option for me.  It made me think of all the people of the world who don’t even have the option of medical care for a tiny little sliver of a cut and how lucky we are.  I may be reading too much about Syria in the news and WW2 fiction.

which made me think how much I am enjoying a new mystery series with the main character of Inspector Gamache.  Set in Quebec.  I’m loving it.

which made me think of the amount of reading these kids get in a day (and why my voice is sore by bedtime).  There’s a lot of read aloud happening these days (but Lily is volunteering to do with with the little people now so that is a great big joy!).

which brings me to the two kids in preschool three days a week.  They are feeling the school days, for sure.  When I pick them up they are flying high with excitement and then they crash.  Their days are long and Emmy either naps and then struggles against bedtime or falls asleep while watching before dinner.  Ollie cries because he is hungry and tired and overstimulated.  But they love it.  And they are sleeping and their colds are improving.  And Benedryll at night is a good thing.

which brings me to my final random thought:  cherry juice…or in my case dried cherries.  Apparently cherries contain something that can aid in sleep.  Like Benedryll aids in my sleep :-).  So I am eating more dried cherries in my yogurt in the morning.

never mind….

which brings me to a new recipe that flopped this morning.  I tried a dutch baby, or baked pancake, for breakfast for the kids, and, well, it was a flop.  We will have muffins or pancakes tomorrow and I will be redeemed.  Everyone loves those!!

Happy Labor Day!

Now school begins for real!  Here’s a peek into Lily’s curriculum (I’ll try and link later on…)

Math:  RightStart Math Level B

  • This came with a huge amount of different and intriguing manipulatives.  Lily noticed the number scale that is giant and can’t fit anywhere save for the top of our clock in the dining room.  I can’t wait to jump in with her!

Spelling:  All About Spelling Level 2

  • This is a new program, too.  I wasn’t going to start in with formal spelling until after Christmas but I think this will give me peace of mind that we have a focused plan for phonics instruction.  It is multi-sensorial.  I think she will dig the very short lessons.

Reading & Writing:  BraveWriter A Quiver of Arrows

  • Even though I planned on starting with Kaya, an American Girl doll, Lily wasn’t into the story so we set up a teepee (thanks, Grampa!) and we chose to start with The Trumpet of the Swan.  This will take us the month and along with reading aloud, discussing the story and doing copywork from it, there is a literary concept for each book this year.


  • Next week we will jump into our Little Passports World Edition.  France and then additions every two weeks or so.  Have to get the world map up and the globe nearby so we can find the places we are learning about.


  • Well…we were going to study Native Americans to go along with Kaya but…no worries, we still might go that direction, especially as it turns autumnal.


  • MIcroscope, nature study and lots of outside experiements

Other Fun Stuff:

  • Art…always and maybe an art class mid-week.
  • Swimming
  • Field trips
  • Poetry Teatimes
  • End of September~Lily will be going in on some regular basis to read to the younger kids at EuroAcademy
  • Violin??

All in all, I am pleased with how this seems manageable and enjoyable.  Did I miss anything?

And in case you don’t check back in the archives:  look at the little cutie on her first day…in 2011!

Slither, said the mother

We slither, said the two. 

So sorry but I am becoming morbidly distracted by the snakes. We have cleared out the furniture in front of the window in the TV room so we have a front row view and I have to confess that I am the one spending the most time gazing out the window. I can’t get terribly clear photos but here is momma and her two babies:

The babies mostly stay right next to or on top of her. I feel a special kinship to the momma in that way🐍😘


Oh, no.

It wasn’t just a snake attack with a random other snake sneaking by.


It was a momma and one of her babies.

We’ve counted two or three babies so far.

Garter snakes can give birth to 3-80 snakes in late summer.

Now we can sit and gaze out our front window, looking at our family of snakes.

Snake Plague

As we watched one snake working on a big toad dinner:

Another snake slithered across our front walk from one side of the garden to the other:

Yesterday we ran across another by the swings. What is happening?!?!