Oh Gosh.

I’m stumped by what to write about tonight.  There were so many good things even I can recognize through the haze of kids with colds and nightmares in the dark.  An eyes-filled-with-sun run before breakfast.  Warm muffins.  Creations galore.  Eagles Nest at the grocery store.  Leftover pizza.  Demolition videos.  Jumping the kids high on the trampoline.  A nap.  Happy swimming lessons.  Long chat with the neighbors.  An unexpected invitation to a yoga brunch.  A happy catch up with my favorite mother in law.  Stargazing.  Snuggling.  Crawling into bed to read and be still.

Happy Friday!

Dots and Doodles

Lily started her art class today. She is going to enjoy it. Surrounded by paint and canvas and glue and intriguing things to look at. There wasn’t a moment’s hesitation as she sat down and got to creative work. 


The One Where We Try To Do School

@ the doctor’s office…

More or less, our day started off-kilter because I needed to do my 6mo follow up ultrasound of The Lump.  While I was prepared with math and reading work, we hardly got to it.  Why?


We played one math game but the family with the pine tree needle covered backyard wooed us.  Would the landscaper create a wonderful space?  Would the work be finished in time for the party?  Would the mobile basketball hoop really be able to be engineered?  

The answer to all….YES!  But what Lily and I really want is a life sized chess board in brick.  

And that schoolwork?  We finished it when we got home with a clear bill of health. 👍🏻

Field Trip {#1}

By unanimous vote, we headed to the Children’s Museum today for our first field trip of the school year. An Eric Carle exhibit leaves next week and I wanted to see it so our vote worked out!  A perfect day: no crowds or field trips.


Of Playgrounds and FirePits

Laying here, I can smell the fire our neighbors set early in the evening.  The trampoline cleared quickly once the fire started to rise and everyone over 4 ran to the Twins’ house.  A little later I followed and caught up with their news.  Marshmallows were going to be roasted as we left to go eat dinner.  

Our day started at the playground, meeting up with Jack and Emma.  Jack has a week of KDG under his belt.  His mom is already sick of the homework (!!!) but he seems to be having fun.  The boys picked up right where they left off.  Rain cut the play date short but we decided to meet up again next week.

Gratefully, my day included much hot tea and reading.  I am fending off the cold everyone has been passing around.  It was chilly out; our first day wearing long pants and long sleeves. 

What They Are Loving: Kid Edition

There are a few things these kids just love these days…

  • Odd Squad on PBSKids:  X-Files for the younger tween set.  I even think it is funny and they think it is hilarious.  Sadly, there is only one season on Netflix and they are watching the last episode tonight.
  • Afternoons of Read Alouds:  re-reading Owls in the Family with many, many picture books thrown in.  This time also usually include a popsicle or other treat.
  • Magic Treehouse books:  Lily has read one to Ollie, one to herself and started another last week.  She happily reads independently and likes the varied locales of each book.
  • YUM magazine:  This is a great library find.  Lily tears through these, searching for new recipes she might like to try.  While most are desserts, there are a few snack recipes that have been, well, yum.  (These magazines are so much better than the Vogue and People she was picking up at the lake this summer…)
  • Spiders:  Since the butterflies are starting to wind down, they have been examining more spiders these days.  Ollie swears every one might be a tarantula.
  • Hot Tea:  This started last year during our Poetry Teatimes each week but we have been enjoying a cup before bed some nights.  I wouldn’t say it calms them down, but at least they are hydrated going to sleep!

Worn Out

I’m not certain who is more tired by the end of the day during this non-nap cycle–me or Emmy.  Since I have not yet fallen asleep on the floor, I guess it’s her.  Her energy and go go go simply astound me.