You probably know I get up before everyone else so I can get myself ready to charge when people stumble downstairs hungry and rubbing sleep from their eyes.  Instead, this morning, I woke up to someone tiptoeing out of my bedroom, looking over to a mug of hot coffee and my yogurt with grapefruit and grapenuts, and the sun shining.  Whoops.. it was already after 7!  Sweet Lily made me breakfast in bed, helped get everyone some chocolate milk and turned on Zoboomafoo.  Independence!  I like it!

  1.  Breakfast in bed.
  2. “Sleeping in”
  3. Curling up and reading even though the sun was still out and they could still be outside playing.  Everyone wanted to take it easy and relax; I was happy to oblige.
  4. Aforementioned, Zoboomafoo.  I remember when little Quinn watched this Kratt brother show that predates Wild Kratts.  Everyone is caught singing the songs from it all day long.  More animal shows.  Yay!
  5. NyQuil.  I am going to take some tonight and hope to wake up without a cold tomorrow.  And get non-dream sleep.  Those Jurassic dinosaurs kept me up last night!

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