Gray Skies

While it should have made me blue, in fact, the gray sky and cold wind that blew today helped me get in the mood for Thanksgiving.  Right now I am looking out at breaking clouds and a pinky-orange sunset that foretells a clear sunny day tomorrow. 

1.   Squirrel fashion

2.  Day date with Dada:  all the kids got to enjoy lunch and haircuts with Sam today. I got to sneak to HomeGoods and Dicks👍🏻

3.  A nap:  Emmy fell asleep coming back from the day date and the transfer from car to bed was successful. Here’s to an easy bedtime tonight!

4.   Lemon Cheesecake:

5.  Birkenstocks:  I bought my first and only pair before leaving for college in 1992.  I am still wearing them but am in the market for a new pair. Looked on Zappos today. Still feeling too sentimental to part with this current pair just yet. 

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