That One With The Tick

I’ll be thankful for antibiotic double doses and flu vaccines today. After discovering a hungry tick embedded in my arm this morning, we went to urgent care. Now I won’t battle Lyme🕷 for the holidays!

Grateful for copywork.  I found 180 poems a recent Poet laureate suggested everyone know.  While Lily works on her writing, now I work on mine.

The mild weather has made staying on top of leaf removal easier…especially after the overhaul/cleanup weekend a few weeks ago.  Thankful I only need to drag 2-3 piles every few weeks.  

Sweet boys who sing Thanksgiving songs to me. 

Fresh baked focaccia with soup…which was not a dinner matching the weather but it was tasty.  Soup seems to be the best way to veggies into the kids…besides carrots and peppers. 

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